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We professionally design and install local: wired, fiber  and wireless networks. We started our business concentrating in this area, therefore we have a lot of experience in it. For copper networks we generally use 7 PiMF and 6A cable systems. Our service quality is outstandingly high, and our manufacturers provide you with a 25-year system warranty when we carry out the installation and inspection of the system. Our qualifications are confirmed by “Datwyler”, “Amp”, “Tyco”, “Reichle & De-Massari”, “Excel”, “Brand Rex” and “K-line” manufacturers’ certificates. Over the years, we have provided specialized and exceptionally high-quality solutions for businesses, data centers, airports, supermarkets and factories.

Wireless networks are designed using special equipment and according to the thickness of the building’s construction solutions. After the installation, we always carry out special tests with professional equipment. In total, we have installed more than 30 TAI 2 standard-compliant server rooms. We also offer complex solutions, such as separation of hot and cold zones, water leakages and installation of precise temperature systems.


We install integrated security solutions that help secure maximum security of assets and people, both locally and in building complexes. We offer our customers unified intrusion detection system, perimeter security, pass control and video surveillance systems. With the latest technology, advanced security solutions are offered, such as image recognition systems, biometric identification systems, intelligent access control systems, and more. Security solutions are selected and designed for the client as a complete package – only then the highest efficiency is ensured.


We install extremely precise and early warning fire detection systems that will prevent you from suffering heavy damage.

If you want a modern solution, we can integrate the fire alarm system with building management, firefighting and other systems, thus ensuring the safety of our customers and employees. Of course, we offer not only the usual fire alarm system, but also other, especially high-level systems that use:

  • Fire ray.
  • Heat conductive cables.
  • Special wires that can identify the fire even at especially low temperatures.

You can also choose other exclusive fire detection systems that can be used in both conventional and enhanced security projects, such as oil refining, woodworking or other plants that are extremely explosive (EX).


We work with a variety of process control and production systems, which include programmable controllers and process visualization. We also have systems for launching and reconciling, performing warranty and post-warranty services. Our automated solutions can be managed on your own computer, which saves you time and money. We have a lot of experience in automation not only in regular buildings (hotels, supermarkets), but also exclusive objects such as airports, laboratories, etc.

We design engineering systems for buildings, technological processes and water management automation, electrical and automation distribution boards and, of course, various electronics products. We make our own distribution boards, control and indicator boards, various electronic devices, gauges, and, according to your order, we can design and produce unique products. 


We design and install electricity networks up to 10 kV. We take care of all permits, we cooperate with the ESO and other institutions. We have the most experience in the following areas:

  • Installation of up to 10 kV switchgears.
  • Internal electricity networks.
  • Industrial power lines (shields).
  • Solar power plants up to 1 MW.
  • Smartgrid.
  • Illumination of LED streets, areas and rooms.
  • Smart power management of shopping centers integrated into PVS.