IT sistemos | R&D
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Raman spectrometry research

Research of food products and raw materials using the Raman spectrometer. “IT Sistemos” continuously develops various techniques related to Raman spectrometry studies.

Ovulation test

An instantaneous pocket ovulation test has been developed and successfully commercialized. Video analysis of saliva deposits allows you to determine which days are best for getting pregnant.


We perform various research and methodological calculations related to the processing of artificial intelligence (AI) data and network support, as well as provide services of data cluster research and support.

Hoist management systems

We are developing an innovated hoist management  system based on AI for use in skyscraper building.  We offer their fleet management, maintenance and service platform in all the world. (London, Dublin, Dubai)

4G cameras

For more information about 4G cameras, please, contact us.

Order management system !DONE!

Flawless customer service is a priority for each business. We developed  order management system  !DONE! ensures you save time, improve customer experience, and increase performance.

For more information about order management system, please, contact us.