IT sistemos | Fire detection System
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Fire detection System


The purpose of a fire alarm is to inform the user, building manager or the fire brigade about the potential or actual fire hazard. Our company designs and installs fire alarm system. According to the fire safety requirements for a particular building, we choose the type of the fire alarm (conventional/address based) and the necessary components: optical, temperature sensors, fire alarm call points, flame sensors, linear fire detectors, and equipment for explosive (Ex) environments.

We only install the trusted systems manufacturers’ equipment: Siemens, Aritech, Inim and Securiton. We integrate the fire alarm systems into building management systems and, taking into account the customer needs, we offer building visualization systems in order to identify the triggered area as soon as possible.


An aspiration fire alarm system provides reliable fire protection where an early fire detection is necessary due to the presence of combustible materials. Aspiration systems constantly check the condition of the air and evaluate it, and they do not completely change the interior -aspiration detectors are almost invisible.

It is for these reasons that they are perfectly suitable for:

  • Exceptionally clean spaces, such as data centers or hospital facilities.
  • In hard-to-reach places: cable ducts or power plants.
  • Historical buildings, theaters, museums or libraries.
  • Public places: at stations, inunderground car garages.
  • In hazardous areas, such as industrial plants.
  • High-rise and ventilated rooms like warehouses.

We can assure you that the quality of service will be the best, because we cooperate with well-known manufacturers such as “Xtralis”, “Vanderbilt”, “Securiton”and others.


Fire extinguishing systems are intended for fire detection, locating and extinguishing fire in premises where certain documents or items of particular importance are stored. Such areas are extinguished by gas because it allows the fire to be neutralized without leaving any residues of extinguishing agents. Thus, sensitive documents, objects or data are not damaged.

We use Nowac gas in our stand-alone fire extinguishing systems (such as HELIO). Our installed fire fighting systems minimize the damage caused by fires and do not harm your environment. They are extremely easy and quick to install and do not use any water. In addition, these devices do not require electricity and are shock-resistant, so you can be sure that you will be protected from fire in any case.


We install fire alarms and evacuation control systems that can also be used for background sounding in supermarkets, hotels, public buildings, etc. Our devices meet the EN 60849 and EN 54 fire standards, and cooperation with “Bosch” and other prominent manufacturers guarantees the highest quality standards.