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Automation Solutions


We work with engineering automation solutions for buildings: building management, energy accounting automation, analysis systems and energy saving solutions. Cooperating with  “Vanderbilt”, “Schneider Electric”, “Carel” and other companies, we design and manufacture automation panels.


We guarantee that our systems will function extremely economically. We will adapt all solutions to your needs and integrate all the other systems you need into the system of visualization and management of your building systems.


Our experience with our partners ensures a high level of service quality. Electronic communications, security alarms and other electronics solutions are perfectly familiar to us, and we also provide warranty with special maintenance services.


We design and implement modern industrial automation systems. We evaluate the needs and expectations of our customers, according to this we automate and modernize the technological processes. We also offer solutions for remote control and visualization systems that we already use, and we can help you set energy saving and automated accounting, analysis and savings solutions.